Setting New Standards in Wool Measurement



The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) is the international body representing the interests of the world's wool-textile trade and industry.

The IWTO regulates the wool trade by licensing laboratories who offer IWTO-Certification services to the industry. Wool Testing Authority Europe is proud to be one of the few IWTO-licensed laboratories globally. IWTO Certificates can only issued by IWTO-licensed test laboratories on samples taken directly by staff or agents of that licensed laboratory who can then guarantee the accuracy and impartiality of test results. If the document does not say "IWTO Test Certificate" no guarantees of wool quality can be made.

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As member of the ILRT group, we must fulfil the ILRT requirements and participate in two inter-laboratory round trials a week to ensure that our testing is harmonised with the world's main wool testing laboratories. The results of these trials are publicly published annually.

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(Interwoollabs) conduct round trials every six months specifically to test the fibre fineness of wool tops by Airflow. These trials verify laboratory performance and assist Interwoollabs in the production of calibration tops and are open to all test laboratories.

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United Kingdom Accreditation Service

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredits our laboratory to ISO 17025:2017. By successfully meeting the stringent criteria of UKAS, our accreditation is a fundamental requirement for our IWTO Licence.

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IRLT Group Laboratories

Australian Wool Testing Authority

New Zealand Wool Testing Authority

Wool Testing Bureau South Africa


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