Setting New Standards in Wool Measurement

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A test result is only as good as the test method used to produce it, which is the reason why we are very proud of the accreditation we hold to the international management standard ISO 17025:2017 and our status as an International Wool & Textile Organisation (“the IWTO”) accredited laboratory. We only use IWTO approved test methods and have been issuing certificates to the wool industry in the UK and Europe since 2004. Our accreditation is assessed annually by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) from which we receive outstanding reports.

Wool Testing Authority Europe Ltd (WTAE) can provide an impartial measurement of mean fibre diameter using laserscan technology. Our laserscan machines are calibrated using internationally accepted wool tops of known mean fibre diameter. We also participate in international round trials with other test houses around the world and are members of the Interwoollab round trial for the determination of mean fibre diameter for airflow and laserscan testing. These round trials allow us to compare our performance to other test houses and allow for the synchronisation of test results issued across the globe.

Other physical parameters can be determined on your alpaca fleece such as washing yield and colour (on white fleeces only). Please contact us for more information.