Setting New Standards in Wool Measurement

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Sampling is the first and most important step in any commodity Certification system.

The integrity of the samples and any accompanying information such as, in the case of wool, bale weights, brands and descriptions, is fundamental to the integrity of any additional information obtained by analysing these samples. Integrity of Certification rests upon integrity in sampling, in testing, and in documentation, a fact that is recognised by the wool industry world-wide and formalised in its trading arrangements via regulations, contracts and letters of credit.

WTAE recognises that the integrity of its IWTO Certificates requires independent sampling. The principal reason for this is that it enables WTAE to guarantee that all aspects of sampling, testing and data processing have been conducted according to the relevant Test Methods and Regulations.

This guarantee is unequivocal because WTAE conducts all testing and data processing operations, and ensures that all sampling operations are conducted independently of the parties to the transaction.