Shipping Samples

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  1. Samples should be packaged as usual making sure to double bag the wool sample(s) and place the test request form between each bag.
  2. Package the sample(s) into one or more boxes. To minimise freight costs, extract/expel as much air as possible from the sample bags. For international air freight, couriers are likely to charge according to volume rather than weight.
  3. Each box should be clearly labelled with WTAE’s address. An address label is provided on this page which can be printed off and attached to the box(es). If you prefer to use your own address label, ensure it contains the same details as the one provided on the website.
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  1. Prepare a commercial invoice. If required, a template for a commercial invoice is available on our website which contains all of the relevant details for WTAE Ltd. Please add your company details and other details relevant to your shipment before printing.
  2. Advice differs from each courier on what to do with your commercial invoice generated in point 1 above. Please follow the advice of the courier you are using.
  3. Wool is classed as a category 3 animal by-product (ABP) and therefore DOES NOT REQUIRE A HEALTH CERTIFICATE FOR IMPORT INTO THE UK.
  4. Samples sent to WTAE Ltd are used solely for testing purposes and therefore do not need to be authorised for import. You may wish to include a copy of the facilitation letter, provided by the UK government with your consignment. The facilitation letter is available in a printable format alongside this guide.
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Courier Service

  1. Contact your local courier to collect the consignment.
  2. Advise WTAE that you are sending a shipment using the email address and provide the tracking number of the consignment. This will allow us to track your shipment from our offices
Please contact our office if you experience any problems when booking shipments to the UK.