Setting New Standards in Wool Measurement

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Certificate Amendments

There are strict rules regarding amendments to Certificates set by the IWTO. Once a Certificate has been issued, any amendments will force the Certificate to be re-issued. The first digit of the test number on a Certificate indicates the issue of that test. Therefore, this will change when the Certificate is re-issued e.g. 1-00191000.P0 would become 2-00191000.P0. If a Certificate is re-issued due to an error e.g. incorrect weights, then 'Certificate re-issued' will be included at the top of the Certificate and all previous issues become void. If any hard copies of a voided Certificate have been provided, they require either returning to WTAE or destroying.

Changing the Weights on a Certificate

A Certificate is issued on the Gross Weight of the test lot at the time of Coring; a Declared Tare; and the subsequent Nett Weight. If bales are removed from the lot after it was cored, provided the Nett weight of the removed portion does not exceed 5% of the total Nett weight of the original lot, the bales can be deducted using a Subtraction Combination. If more than 5% of the lot has been removed, the sample is no longer representative of the test lot and the remaining bales will therefore require re-coring and testing.

Adding or Removing Test Results on a Certificate

Samples are tested to customer requirements and only the results of requested tests will be included on a Certificate. However, if the tests required are not specified and we are not given instruction within 24 hours of receiving the sample, Greasy Wool samples are tested by default for Yield, Micron and Colour and Scoured Wool samples are tested for the Comprehensive Scoured Wool Package which includes Wool Base inc. VM Base, Conditioning, Residual Grease, Mean Fibre Diameter and Colour. However, tests can be added to or removed from a Certificate. If you wish to add a test onto a Certificate, provided the original test is fairly recent and we have material left, we can conduct the test and either add the result onto the Certificate or re-issue the Certificate with the additional result included. Performing the additional test will obviously take extra time.

If you wish to remove any test results from a Certificate, the same applies in that if the Certificate has already been issued it will require re-issuing with the unnecessary result removed.

Please be aware though that some test results are concurrent. For example, to include Yield Test Results on a Certificate, the Wool Base, Vegetable Matter Base and Commercial Yield(s) must be detailed. Therefore, no single part such as the VM Base can be removed without removing the whole of the Yield Test Results section.

Merging and Splitting tests

If you require results for the same test lot on separate Certificates, it is best to have these tests done separately i.e. on different test numbers. Nevertheless, if you find that after having a lot tested you require the results on separate Certificates, we can re-issue the Certificate to include the different results on different issues and therefore on separate Certificates.

Similarly, if you have had tests done separately which you then find you need on the same Certificate; we can move the results onto one test number and subsequently issue them on one Certificate.

However, merging and splitting tests in this way is lengthy and may be chargeable.