Setting New Standards in Wool Measurement

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Subtraction Combinations

If bales have been removed from a test lot after it has been cored, the sample will still contain cores from the omitted bales. To deduct bales from a lot, they must be re-cored and tested. Once tested, the same calculations are applied as when combining lots, the only difference being that the calculated weighted average results of the deducted portion are subtracted instead of added. Up to 5% of the total Nett weight of the original lot can be removed using a Subtraction Combination. If more than 5% of the lot has been removed, the sample is no longer representative of the lot and the remaining bales will therefore require re-coring and testing. Only two lots can be used in a Subtraction Combination but it is possible to remove bales from an existing Combination so lots can be combined and then bales can be removed. The Certificate for the subtracted portion is just like any other test Certificate and can be used to add the bales onto another lot if required.